The link between beliefs and emotions
Understanding the link between our beliefs and emotions
3 Dec 2023
By Emer O'Donnell

It can be difficult sometimes to understand why we feel the emotions we do.  Humans are complex beings.

When we understand how our beliefs and emotions are linked however this can be a good starting point to identify and understand what our emotions are saying to us. 

This can create a clearer understanding of the real cause of our stress or anxiety and also support us in addressing it.

Next time you are feeling stressed or anxious, check out the emotion you are experiencing and understand the belief that emotion is linked to:


Beliefs and consequences table


Ask yourself what you think the wisest person you know (real or imagined) would tell you to do, now you appreciate the belief that your stress or anxiety emotion is linked to?

What do you think you need to do so you can:

  • Support yourself better to manage your stress or anxiety levels?
  • Adjust your belief, if it sensible to do this, to create a more acceptable outcome for you to cope?
  • Put yourself in a space so you can get other’s support or be able to look after yourself better?


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