Osman Jama

Q is an amazing tool that every young person should access and has the potential to deliver transformational impact. Thank you Emer and Team Q for all your support in enabling us to deliver so much more.

Osman Jama
CEO Young Futures CIC
photo of Ben

The results of the questionnaire were spot on and I really liked the graphics and layout as I prefer to see things simply and visually. Q showed me things that I hadn't realised about myself before. Over all a brilliant app which I plan to use frequently.

16 years old
Photo of Niamh

I have found this app extremely helpful and confident boosting. It has changed me to a more confident girl. It has amazing strategies to help me stay on top of my school/homework and spread it out over a daily basis. I would really recommend the Q app to help people gain confidence and help in your daily life. It helps with things such as: Confidence, Things about you, People, Careers and Stress.

13 years old

I can't recommend the Q Pathfinder enough! After completing the questionnaire, I was in shock of how accurate the results were. The job suggestions that came up for me looked like a perfect fit. This left me feeling really encouraged and optimistic about my future, which is what I was lacking before. On top of this Q Pathfinder has taught me about my learning and thinking skills and how to adapt these for my future career.

22 years old

Q helped me immensely through the struggles of transitioning from teenager to adult, not quite knowing who I was or who I wanted to be. After filling out the questionnaire, it was like a huge wave of realisation. It answered all these questions and doubts I had about myself, and explained them logically. I discovered characteristics within me that I didn’t even know existed, and I can now understand where all my behaviours have come from, and where other people’s have too!

18 years old

About Q

Q is a personalised pathfinder for young people.
It takes 40 years of scientific research and practice in building wellbeing, self awareness and personal performance, which helps business leaders and elite sports stars perform under pressure, and puts it in a smartphone.


Q is tailored for 12 to early 20 year olds.
By completing an in-depth, scientifically validated questionnaire, Q's bespoke technology enables each user to access personalised insights in order to realise their unique talents and potential. This support is specially important now when trying to navigate a future path, in an often uncertain, judgemental and challenging world.


How to achieve personal growth? Q supports with:

  • Making career choices
  • Understanding individual strengths and potentials
  • Making subject choices
  • Building skills
  • Learning more effectively
  • Developing confidence, mental fitness and wellbeing
  • Creating and achieving goals


Q provides much needed inspiration, insight, direction and control.

About Q

Q is also safe, secure and convenient.

Q is For...

Young People

Who want to realise their potential, have better wellbeing and want to feel more in control of their lives

Parents/ Guardians

Who want to equip their children with the tools to not just manage but thrive in the real world

Professionals/ Organisations

Who are passionate about empowering and developing young people to fulfil their potential

Q is for

In the words of Q Users...

In the Words of Q Users
In the Words of Q Users