The future of work
Understanding the landscape to find your way
3 Dec 2023
By Emer O'Donnell

Where we have come from and where we are going:- Past world of work vs Future world of work

Comparison between past and future world of work


Hybrid jobs (a mixture of separate things)

This is where skills are combined that never used to be found in the same job e.g., technical knowledge with design, marketing and statistical analysis.

Key points about hybrid jobs



An ability to manage change and transitions will be needed to surf the next career wave coming over the horizon, influenced by technological advances in an ever changing disruptive market place.

Key points on flexibility



Q to consider about your future career choices:

  • To what extent can a job be reduced down to frequent high volume tasks and to what extent does it involve tackling novel situations?

In the future:

  • Machines will end up doing frequent high volume tasks (humans can't compete on this)
  • Humans will manage novel situations (machines can't compete on this)


Human capabilities

Developing skills to get work done and updating these more often will be needed but it is not the full answer. Our unique human capabilities that support our ability to learn, think about, execute on and adapt these skills are even more important.

Human capabilities key points


What is clear is that personal development and lifelong learning to navigate the path are more important than ever for future success. The sooner you start working on developing this now, the better.

Article summary key points


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