Developing your confidence zone
Why understanding how you behave is so important in building confidence
1 Mar 2024
By Emer O'Donnell

It takes confidence to develop two important aspects of your behaviour where you can say what you really think and feel and also do it in a way that is considerate and respectful in how this will land with the other person.

Diagram showing key components of the 'blue confidence style'


In terms of our ability to deliver this type of behaviour, Q calls it your ‘Blue Confidence Zone’’ it doesn’t always come naturally to us.  Indeed, we all have our ‘Bad Days’. The following graphic shows what different types of ‘bad day’ behaviour we can experience depending on our naturally preferred behaviours, our comfort zones. This is when sometimes our preferences don’t always support us to perform at our best.

Blue4 model diagram


Q1 What do you feel your ‘Bad Day’ behaviour is?

Q2 Can you recognise the ‘Bad Day’ behaviour style of other people in your life now?


Article summary points


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